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Mission and Vision

Project Philonexia strives to create safe Child Friendly Spaces, which provide young children with the opportunity to play, socialise, learn, express themselves and heal as they rebuild their lives.

Project Philonexia aims to equip children with the skills and knowledge they will need in order to not just cope, but to thrive in life. Our Learning Spaces will be inclusive to both boys and girls and provide programs including:

  • personal safety and hygiene in the camp
  • structured and non structured play activities
  • psychosocial activities designed to provide strategies for children to cope with the traumas associated with displacement, war and conflict
  • quality education to achieve learning outcomes, especially in literacy, numeracy and ICT

Furthermore, the Child Friendly Spaces will support the teachers and volunteers in the camp by providing ongoing training, mentoring and coaching programs. Trained educators, both within the camp and via online communication, will facilitate these programs. Ongoing evaluation of the Child Friendly Spaces will occur, to ensure the effectiveness of the programs and bring about further improvements for the future.


A network for connecting 21st Century Educators around the world

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